Healing is a very important part of the spiritualist movement and there are many pioneers that brought healing inline with the importance of mediumship, philosophy and other communication involved with the spirit world, for example Harry Edwards. Therefore, at Reading we have a healing clinic run on a Wednesday evening by our dedicated Healing Leader Mary Owen and a small team of healing medium’s and trainee’s. We also include absent healing in all our services at Reading and you are free to write any name in our healing book.

Our healing clinic is open to everyone and you don’t need to be unwell to attend, it might be that you enjoy the atmosphere and the energy. It is a social night as much as about the healing, bringing people together who are in need that of that support, that love, that boost that spiritual connection can help. The doors open at 18:30 with healing beginning about 19:15, after opening the clinic in prayer, setting the intention of the work to be done until 20:30 (approx).

We are very lucky at Reading to have a number of dedicated healing mediums, admin and trainee’s who you will meet.

John Mantel does all the admin for the team at Reading Healing Clinic and welcomes every body.

Mary Owen who is our Healing Leader and oversees the Healing team and clinic.

Dave Langman – SNU Healing Medium and Healing Leader at Camberley SNU Church.

David Balman – SNU Healing Medium.

Angela Blackett – SNU Healing Medium.

Ann Le Maniel – SNU Healing Medium.

Satnam Nanadara – Trainee SNU Healing Medium.